Arising from the seas, off the coast of Washington; came a cascading voice, a call; to all the weak and meak, to all the disenfranchised, to all the degeneraces A voice that whispered "Come, you're home now" And with that moto, the disfunctional degenerates was founded upon


With extream grace, elegance, and charm; Lord Regonald P Manuel, scoured across the sees in search for riches, spices, and the glory of tea. His voayges eventually lead him to the land of degeneracy; which he mistaken for the indies. With previously unfound riches at his disposal he remains one of the most prominent benifactors of the dysfunctional digenerates. 

CB aka "When you just"

professional cuddler

uhh uhh me whan uhh joe umm uhh when i uhh did ummmm uhhh ehh uh yeah um when did? uhhh yeah did what yeppers ughhhhhhh huff ummm quiznos i guess fuuuuuuuuuuuck ummmmmm uhhh aghhh hmmmmmmmmm 

still not as gay as mumble rap


he's from texas

big bear 

Once considered a myth, an urban legend, a tall tale; Big Bear emereged from his hybernectic statis with an incassibble hunger. His talents and specialties are utilized within the dysfunctial digeneraters serving as an enforcer; yearning to feast on those who step out of line.



Born from an Angel and a Demon, I am the balance of good and evil. I am an Angel and a Demon, A Nephilum, and ruler of Heaven and Hell